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Rahmat Textiles

Quality Guaranteed

For years Rahmat Textiles has been a leader in the industry. In order to stay at the top, we source cotton from ginning mills all over the world meeting our stringent criteria for quality. We produce ring-spun yarn ranging from counts Ne 20/1 to Ne 80/1; carded or combed for the local and deemed export market.

Spinning About


Rahmat Textiles produces ring-spun yarn using the best cotton sourced from around the globe. We produce both carded and combed yarn in the count range of Ne 20/1 to Ne 80/1.


We have a capacity of 62,000 spindles producing upto 30 tons of quality yarn daily.


Rahmat Textiles is equipped with Rieter & Saurer Blow Room & Carding Lines along with Rieter Combers. Our Roving Frames are from Toyota & Saurer with Ring Frames originating from Lakshmi & Jingwei. We're also using the latest Autoconers from Murata, Schlafhorst & Savio.

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